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Message Auto Sender

An automated message, picture, pdf, video sender using Artificial Intelligence

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Excellent features that compel you to avail our services


Our REST API was designed to be extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone, no matter the programing language or framework you use. Check out the API documentation to learn more.

Fastest Delivery

Our system is the fastest of the market. We can delivery up to hundreds messages per minute per connected device with an average message processing speed of 500 milliseconds.

Auto pdf utility

Smartly extract receiver number from a pdf file, and send pdf file to that number automatically. Use cases includes tickets, bookings and many more.

Send & Receive messages

We support text, location and media messages (images, audio, videos, documents or archives). Media files can be easily uplodaded from disk or remote URLs (e.g: own server, Amazon S3, Google Storage...).

Group Messages

You can send text or media messages to multiple groups for marketing announcements or offers.

Message Scheduling

Do you need to delivery messages at a specific time? No problem. Our system would allow you to plan specific messages at a specific date.

Worldwide Scale

Borderless communications. Any country, any number. We are here to take care of all.


Get notified for every inbound or outbound message events in a near-real time fashsion. Webhooks can be integrated with any paltform, server or programming language.

Web Dashboard

Get control of everything from the Web Console UI. Browser messages, send new messages, see metrics, review logs or monitor webhooks.


Factors that will enforce you to choose our services

Our Web-Based panel give you options to upload content in multiple format, capture incoming message, autoreply instantly and generate reports to review performance of Autoresponder Service.
done_all Auto confirmation and order updates
done_all Send verification code
done_all Signup verification
done_all Send ticket confirmation info
done_all Send Pdf
done_all Send Audio Clip or Voice Clip
done_all Send updated news feeds
done_all Get Customer feedback
done_all Email alerts

Send automated text, picture, video and pdf

Pricing Table

Limited Plans

₹ 800

+18% GST

4000 Credits

per month
1 credits = 1 image/pdf+1 text

*API access required for Google Sheet and Third Party integration

₹ 7,680

+18% GST

48000 Credits

per year
1 credits = 1 image/pdf+1 text

*API access required for Google Sheet and Third Party integration

Unlimited Plans

₹ 2,500

+18% GST

Unlimited Credits

per month

*API access required for Google Sheet and Third Party integration

₹ 13,800

+18% GST

Unlimited Credits

per half-year

*API access required for Google Sheet and Third Party integration

₹ 24,000

+18% GST

Unlimited Credits

per year

*API access required for Google Sheet and Third Party integration

Add On

CSV Sender

₹ 5,000

+18% GST
send unique message to unique customer directly from online panel.

PDF Sender

₹ 5,000

+18% GST
send unique PDF to unique customer live invoices, tickets, a/c statements,payments reminders etc. directly from online panel without any API integration.

Google number extractor

₹ 10,000

+18% GST
generate bulk B2B leads, extract numbers directly from google & send bulk messages.

Enable API access

₹ 10,000

+18% GST
where you can enable the access to API

Missed Call trigger

₹ 12,000

+one time setup charges
+18% GST
share product catalog, videos, restaurant menu cards and can also used at the time of elections for sharing future agendas

Use Cases

Busy / Tally / MARG / Other CRM

Send pdf invoice,sales order,account statement,payment reminder & C form reminder etc.


Send alerts by API intergration



Send Alarms by API integration



Connect with MAS & send reminders



Send Newsletter by API integration



Send Booking confirmation



Give Help Desk, allow your customers to contact you easily



Send Quotations


Activation Code

Send Activation Code easily


OTP Codes

Send OTP Codes for two step verification



Give Customer Support to your customers


Take Orders

Take Orders


Shipment Information

Send shipment tracking by API integration