How can I test the operativity of the API ?

If you login, you can test how sending message work.

How can I buy an API ?

Once logged in, you will have DEMO account with API document to test the same.

How much is the minimum purchase ?

The minimum purchase is 4000 credits . Then, you can keep making the recharges that you need.

Which type of messages can I send ?

You can send text,excel,word, image (png & jpg), videos audio (ogg), pdf and emojis. Furthermore, you can send links to other files, videos etc.

Do I have reports of the sending process?


Can I, from one account, receive and send message to several countries simultaneously ?


Can I send a message containing a hyperlink?

Yes, with hyperlinks you can attach any type of content

Can I use my own numbers as the sender to send messages?

Yes. All messages are sent directly from your own number. You can see the sent message details on your whats app.

It works in all countries?


For how long are my credits available?

Your credit has expiration date as per your plan purchase terms.

Can I send emojis?

Yes, of course ;)